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VetONE™ Diets

Nutrition they can't wait to eat.

What is the VetONE™ difference?

Our VetONE™ range has been formulated according to the latest scientific information to help address the specific needs of a pet’s particular life stage, condition or food intolerance. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for the health and nutritional benefits they provide. This ensures that our VetONE™ diets provide the maximum benefit to your pets from start to finish.

Complete and Balanced Diets

All our VetONE™ diets are carefully formulated to be complete and balanced and meet the nutritional standards of nutritional governing bodies such as Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and complies with all PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia) regulations. This means all our VetONE™ diets will provide your pet with complete nutrition from head to tail throughout their various stages of life.


Our Diets

The VetONE™ food range is formulated with specific proteins and carbohydrates to help reduce the occurrence of food related allergies or intolerances. Pet nutritionists recommend single protein and limited ingredient diets to help in the elimination of potential allergens. VetONE™ has chosen to use novel proteins such as kangaroo, duck, salmon, turkey and lamb due to their limited antigenic properties. The diets in the VetONE™ range have a selection of both novel protein and limited protein diets to help reduce the occurrence of food related reactions and ensure that there is a diet to suit the needs of your pet.

Trusted Ingredients

The raw materials used in VetONE™ foods are sourced from approved suppliers and facilities that are HACCP certified and audited on a regular basis to ensure our ingredients continue to meet the high standards you would expect from a quality range of food such as VetONE™. All our ingredients are of human consumption standard meaning no waste products or offcuts that have been deemed unfit for the human food chain are used in our formulations. VetONE™ food is frequently tested with NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratories to ensure the strictest quality control measures are taken throughout the manufacturing process and ensure that the nutrient values are as stated in the guaranteed analysis on every bag.



At VetONE™, we are always searching for innovative ways to incorporate functional nutrients into our range of diets. So, together with leading veterinary professionals and scientists we developed OmegaBalance™ which combines a potent blend of Omega 3s and Omega 6s sourced from premium Australian ingredients. The oils in our OmegaBalance™ are highly bioavailable and correctly balanced to maintain optimal coat condition and healthy skin.

Seaweed Boost™ is a purified seaweed extract which helps to strengthen the gut’s natural barrier against potential toxins and microorganisms. Seaweed is rich in fibre and acts as a natural prebiotic to support good bacteria in the gut. This is particularly beneficial for pets with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. Seaweed also contains compounds that naturally help to combat calculus on teeth and reduce bad breath. We have incorporated Seaweed Boost™ into our VetONE™ diets to support your pet from growth right through to maturity.

We also utilise innovative food packaging technology such as fully recyclable “Roll ‘n’ Recycle” bags for our treats and dry food. The unique properties of our Roll ‘n’ Recycle packaging enable our dry food packets to be rolled up and placed in regular kerb side recycling bins once empty.

Seaweed BOOST