VetONE™ is always looking for ways to be more sustainable from the ingredients we source right through to our packaging.  The unique properties of our Roll ‘n’ Recycle packaging enable our dry food packets to be rolled up and placed in regular household recycling bins once empty. This helps to minimise land fill by making it easier and more convenient to recycle without the need to visit specific collection sites. We are the first to market with this type of innovation in commercially produced pet food and will continue to support the evolution of sustainable packaging production.

How it Works

The Roll ‘n’ Recycle® team has worked tirelessly with packaging manufacturers, brand owners and recycling specialists to ensure that with just a few steps, Roll ‘n’ Recycle® packaging can now be recycled in household recycle bins! Hooray!


VetONE™ Dry Kibble is marked with ‘Roll ‘n’ Recycle®

When you buy VetONE™ products displaying the ‘Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark, you can be excited that not only will you LOVE the product inside, but the packaging will be recycled when disposed.


FOLD (if indicated on packaging) then ROLL IT! It is the most important thing you need to do

Once packaging is empty, roll as shown until you finish with a cylinder in the shape of a “9” or a “6” (see step 4).


Stick it real good!

Lift and peel the supplied sticker and stick firmly where indicated to ensure the shape is maintained in your recycle bin and the recycling collection journey.


Place your rolled VetONE™ packaging into your Recycling Bin at home

This one is self-explanatory. An adult, child, pet or even a favourable gust of wind can take it, just make sure it gets into the recycling bin.


Voilà! You are a recycling magician!

You’ve just turned a flat “two dimensional” piece of packaging into a “three dimensional” shape. This means it can be sorted correctly at a facility once picked up and recycled. Nice one Copperfield!